Real-World Visuomotor Policy Learning via Video Generation

1Columbia University, 2Toyota Research Institute, 3Stanford University, *Equal Contribution

Dreamitate formulates a visuomotor policy as video generation + 3D tracking, enabling much better generalization to unseen objects and environments.


A key challenge in manipulation is learning a policy that can robustly generalize to diverse visual environments. A promising mechanism for learning robust policies is to leverage video generative models, which are pretrained on large-scale datasets of internet videos. In this paper, we propose a visuomotor policy learning framework that fine-tunes a video diffusion model on human demonstrations of a given task. At test time, we generate an example of an execution of the task conditioned on images of a novel scene, and use this synthesized execution directly to control the robot. Our key insight is that using common tools allows us to effortlessly bridge the embodiment gap between the human hand and the robot manipulator. We evaluate our approach on four tasks of increasing complexity and demonstrate that harnessing internet-scale generative models allows the learned policy to achieve a significantly higher degree of generalization than existing behavior cloning approaches.

Performance Evaluation

In our evaluation, we tested with objects unseen during training. Our approach outperforms Diffusion Policy in all 4 tasks, especially in the more challenging sweeping and Push-Shape tasks.

Rotating Unseen Objects

Generated Video (Top) + Robot Execution (Bottom).

Scooping Unseen Materials Among Unseen Distractors

Generated Video (Top) + Robot Execution (Bottom)

Sweeping Unseen Particles Among Unseen Distractors

Generated Video (Top) + Robot Execution (Bottom)

Push Unseen Shape to Target

Generated Video (Top) + Robot Execution (Bottom)

Performance Scaling Curve

Learning Curves
When re-trained with two-thirds and one-thirds of the rotation task dataset, Diffusion Policy’s performance declines significantly with reduced data. In contrast, our model remains stable and maintains high success rates.

All Evaluation Runs for Each Task (Uncurated)


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